Hogan Brothers Investment Activities

Hogan Brothers Pty Ltd is not an AFS Licensed investment advisor and does not give investment advice. If you want that, talk to a licensed advisor. But Hogan Brothers did successfully operate Comsports Capital Ltd, a one-off strategic investment vehicle backed by a syndicate which included some high profile sporting identities like John Eales, Ian Healy and Wayne Grady. The entity was operated by Hogan Brothers and established to capitalise on the bear market following the crash of April 2000.

Comsports Capital invested in the Media & Entertainment industries and specialised in acquiring stakes in undervalued listed companies. For the financial year ended June 30 2002, Comsports Capital's audited return on listed shares was 19.4%. By comparison, during the same period the ASX 200 index fell 7.4%. Likewise, for the year ended June 30 2003, Comsports Capital's audited return from its investments in listed shares was 25%. By comparison, the ASX 200 index fell 5% during the same period. Prior to that, Comsports Capital Ltd did not invest in listed shares. In September 2003 the directors of Comsports Capital decided to return all invested capital and profits to shareholders.

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