Budo Boxing

Budo Boxing is a mixed martial arts training system for busy people. It was originally developed for hospitality staff who suddenly found themselves travelling home from work late at night, particularly women. So, it's relatively simple to learn but a very effective form of self defense, as it's primarily a combination of Boxing mixed with lower level Karate kicks and a limited but practical range of Ju Jitsu grappling techniques.

Budo Boxing demonstration by Phil Hogan

It's Great for Fitness

Budo Boxing incorporates a fitness program with basic Yoga stretching and some of the breathing and meditation techniques found in traditional martial arts, but you don't need to be able to run a marathon or do hundreds of sit ups as it's not just about body mechanics. It's also about how to control your 'mind' and engage your 'spirit'. That's critical if you want to keep your cool when things get heated.


The original four Budo Boxing students.

It's about Mind, Body & Spirit

So, Budo Boxing incorporates some Zen meditation techniques along with concepts like Yin and Yang (soft and hard), Chi (life energy source) and emphasises that your manner must always be 'down to earth' but your spirit be like the three dynamic elements of nature (ie. fire, wind and water).

What does 'Budo' mean?

Budo is a Japanese term derived from the characters 'Bu' and 'Do' which means 'the way', or 'the true way'. But it is often used in conjunction with Martial Arts. So, it has also come to mean 'the martial way'.

Chief Instructor, Chad Boga in action with one of the female students.


Why do we call it Budo Boxing?

As Budo means 'the true way', in a sense what we advocate is Boxing in its true 17th century form. Though few realise it, Boxing started out as something very different. It incorporated, punching, wrestling and kicking, like the fight scenes with Robert Downey Jr in 'Shelock Holmes'. So, as it is essentially Boxing in its original true form, it's called Budo Boxing.

It's a simple East meets West Style

It's better to concentrate on doing fewer things better, particularly if you have limited time, so Budo Boxing blends the simplicity of Boxing with low level Karate kicks and a limited but practical range of Jujitsu grappling techniques with Zen mind training.

Our Motif

Budo Motif

Our motif, which is a Zen like version of a Celtic Trinity symbol set in a circle, symbolises the fusion of East & West. The Celtic Trinity symbol is a 'Triquetra' and from the time of the Druids when it was believed to represent Heaven, Earth & The Void but to us represents the interaction between Mind, Body & Spirit. The three small dots represent the dynamic elements of nature (ie. Fire, Wind and Water) and the curved triangular shape at the centre represents Chi. The outer circle symbolises the embodiment of all of that together in balance (Yin & Yang).

Important point to note

Although we promote Budo Boxing we'd never dissuade anyone from pursuing any martial art (eg. Karate, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu etc). If you can devote the time we encourage all to participate in as many as possible. We did. However if you have limited time, want to keep fit and learn a practical form of self defence, then Boxing is excellent and Budo Boxing is even better.

Budo Boxing is relatively simple and fun to do!
Two students pose for the camera.

Our Weapon of Choice

We don't believe in studying anything that isn't practical. So our preferred weapon of choice is a 'stick'. Sticks are legal to carry and fit conveniently into a bag or under your pillow as well as the side pocket of a car door. In the right hands though they are an extremely good weapon. That's why Budo Boxing includes some basic training in Stick-Fighting (Arnis, Eskrima or Kali) for self defence.

Want to learn Budo Boxing?

Although my brother Gary and I (Phil Hogan) conceived and promote Budo Boxing, we generally don't teach it except to our own hospitality staff. We do have a guy who does though, Chad Boga. Chad has worked with us for years, is extremely well qualified and exceptionally capable. He's also an excellent instructor. Click here.


Youngest student with Chad (Chief Instructor)   

If you would like to learn more about Budo Boxing email: admin@hoganbrothers.com.au

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